Still Sick And Dizzy


                                                                                                                          209 Pounds This Morning

I was so hoping for a good workout day today, but instead I woke up just as dizzy and discombobulated as I was last night. Head colds are the worst. I almost think being head sick is the absolute worst kind. Even with a stomach ache I can manage to get my house cleaned up and dinner made (not very fun, but it can be done). As a mom I have always prided myself on my ability to suck it up and get things done when I know I shouldn’t be able to, but with a head cold FORGET IT. I am the BIGGEST BABY. I wish for my Mommy and a hot bath, and meals made for me and to be pampered and taken care of.

On the bright side, I am still losing weight and I ate pretty well yesterday and was 209 this morning. I CAN’T WAIT to be out of the 200’s (and the obesity range). I am so excited! Once I am I’m going to treat myself to a new outfit and drag all of my girlfriends out Salsa dancing.:)

Until then, lots of green tea and TV. Boo…




I went to bed last night with a sore throat and woke up at 4 am with a full blown cold. I was hoping it was just allergies, but I guess that’s out now. What do I do? Should I work out anyway and just push myself, or should I take it easy? I really want to get rid of 13 more pounds a.s.a.p. (Then I will FINALLY be out of the 200’s AND out of the obesity range for my height! YAY!). Also, pants/shorts shopping is in my immediate future since I can’t walk 10 steps without tugging at my pants (oh and did I mention I only actually OWN one pair of pants? Now you now how much I hate shopping for this weird body shape). I am carrying all of my weight up top so my pants/shorts just slide off. Kinda funny, but mostly frustrating.

Back In The Saddle, Yahoo!!


I AM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY HAVE A WORKING COMPUTER! Oh and I have lost a bit of weight too since I last posted. I am down to 209 (I kinda vascilate between 209 and 212, stupid plateaus). I have really been missing this outlet to talk about my weight loss. I know all the people around me are tired of hearing me talk about how much weight I’ve lost, workouts, sore muscles and clothes falling off. Although I totally ate like crap today (thanks Aunt Flow and low inhibitions). I have had a brilliant idea since I last wrote and that has been buying $10 giftcards for myself every time I lose 2.5 pounds. It has been really exciting to see the progress!

In other news, my kids are great at Taebo these days and think they know “karate”. I have my 11 year old sister working out with me and I LOVE Just Dance 3. Such a great workout! I am finding working out is not my hardest battle. I can push the play button and get through it with a smile. But what I suck at (at least for now) is my eating habits. I LOVE coffee (i.e. mochas with all the whip cream and toppings you can throw on it), rich food, and not eating my vegetables. Also, finding that nightshade veggies (yum), dairy products (yum) and sugar (triple yum) make me feel like CRAP. Stupid thyroid.

Speaking of thyroid, I have to go and get it checked out again soon and I have been putting it off for as long as I can. Scares me to death. Guess I need to woman up or something…:(



P.S. Have you ever found yourself talking to the workout instructor on your T.V.? I would just like to say that it really helps:)

Just Juice,,,


So I watched this documentary on a whim last night called, “Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead” and it really opened my eyes to juicing, We have had a Jack LaLane juicer forever and the only use it ever got was for fresh apple juice once a year when we buy a box from our local orchard, Well, no longer! I broke it out tonight and made myself an apple, carrot, pear, and kale juice for dinner and it was pretty decent, The movie talked about resetting your body by drinking nothing but juice for an extended period of time (from 7 to 60 days depending on your goal) and the people that did it not only lost a TON of weight very healthfully, but also got off of all of their medications! It seems really hard, but I am  going to try substituting some of my meals with fresh juice and see how I feel after a week or so, If it is good, I will do the “fast” (which seems like the wrong word since you getting plenty of calories and and water and are not starving) for awhile, WISH ME LUCK:)

A Few Random Thoughts


I have noticed recently that when I think about what I am eating, I delude myself into thinking that “tomorrow I will start eating healthier”, or “this is the last ___________”, but the truth is that it isn’t, I often think I will start in the near future before this holiday or that, before this big event in my life or this family thing, but I don’t, The worst is when it is going to be a Monday or the beginning of a new month (like tomorrow or in a few hours, however you want to look at it) I always commit to myself that “tomorrow is the big day to change my life”, Well this has to stop, starting RIGHT NOW every bite I eat, or thing I drink is going to be the first day, the first bite, I have to change my mantra, Instead of “I will start tomorrow” it is now “How does this bite or drink help me get where I want to go”

Also, why is it so UNBELIEVABLY EASY for men to lose weight when as a woman it takes FOREVER! I saw a friend that I haven’t seen in a few months (ie around July) and he has lost 60 POUNDS! I want to lose that kind of weight in that kind of time! NO FAIR! My body should KNOW that I am not having anymore little ones ever again and that it is more than welcome to give up the fat it has been storing “just in case”, My tubes are TIED, time to give up the ghost!

My kids looked so amazingly cute tonight for Halloween, I could not have been a prouder mom:)

To end all these crazy thoughts I just have to ask God a personal favor, PLEASE DON’T LET THE SNOW FALL HERE THIS WEEK, For those of you who don’t know me, I HATE LIVING IN SNOW, Visiting it is fun for a few minutes, but after that I am OVER it, For us (where I live) the constant power outages, stupid people who drive either crazy fast and dumb, or the super slow and dangerous, the cold seeping thru the windows and little ones crying, because even though I send them out with gloves, they take them off and their hands freeze from playing in the snow, UGH, Gives me a headache just thinking about it, Please, Please, Please,,,

Workin’ But Not Workin’ Out


Today I sat ALL DAY at my kitchen table working on the felt flowers for my Etsy shop, It was long overdue that I work on inventory for the upcoming craft fairs and Christmas season, but that meant I got NO exercise done:(

Kind of pathetic that I was home all day and STILL didn’t squeeze in a workout (and I ate like it was my last meal on earth), but tomorrow is a new day and I am going to make myself get in the sweat time I need,

Do you ever feel like you are your own biggest obstacle