Just Juice,,,


So I watched this documentary on a whim last night called, “Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead” and it really opened my eyes to juicing, We have had a Jack LaLane juicer forever and the only use it ever got was for fresh apple juice once a year when we buy a box from our local orchard, Well, no longer! I broke it out tonight and made myself an apple, carrot, pear, and kale juice for dinner and it was pretty decent, The movie talked about resetting your body by drinking nothing but juice for an extended period of time (from 7 to 60 days depending on your goal) and the people that did it not only lost a TON of weight very healthfully, but also got off of all of their medications! It seems really hard, but I am  going to try substituting some of my meals with fresh juice and see how I feel after a week or so, If it is good, I will do the “fast” (which seems like the wrong word since you getting plenty of calories and and water and are not starving) for awhile, WISH ME LUCK:)


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