What a Pain In The Neck (literally)


I have NO IDEA what I did but I yanked my neck muscles so hard I have been having a hard time turning my head, I never realize how often I use a muscle group until I can’t,  Anyway, I ate decently until dinner time when I ate a small truckload of pizza from Round Table, So worth it though,,, Anyway, walked my route with the kiddies and then clocked it only to realize it was longer than I thought! Not just 4 miles, 4 miles and 6 tenths! That’s over 4 and a half miles! Woot Woot! My legs are singin’, but it was a pretty good day overall, Hopefully I can get something good accomplished tomorrow (as long as my neck isn’t still really bothering me)

Side Note: When I was thin before I had kids I was pretty flat in the upstairs department, but once I got Prego with my first well let’s just say I became EXTREMELY well endowed, At first I was elated (having never had anything to write home about) but after the first couple months or so I was over it, Can I just say running with “the girls”, even for just 30 seconds TOTALLY SUCKS! I feel like jello, BOO,,, If I go down to a 34B for the rest of my life I will be one happy camper!


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