Monthly Archives: October 2011

Workin’ But Not Workin’ Out


Today I sat ALL DAY at my kitchen table working on the felt flowers for my Etsy shop, It was long overdue that I work on inventory for the upcoming craft fairs and Christmas season, but that meant I got NO exercise done:(

Kind of pathetic that I was home all day and STILL didn’t squeeze in a workout (and I ate like it was my last meal on earth), but tomorrow is a new day and I am going to make myself get in the sweat time I need,

Do you ever feel like you are your own biggest obstacle





Just A Rest Day


Hung out with my little girl today and did absolutely nothing, It was nice to just relax and forget about the world outside of my four walls, This morning the scale said 221,5 so I guess I have lost a little, but more importantly, I am just getting myself together, Looking forward to seeing my husband and son, but also just enjoying the quiet:)

What a Pain In The Neck (literally)


I have NO IDEA what I did but I yanked my neck muscles so hard I have been having a hard time turning my head, I never realize how often I use a muscle group until I can’t,  Anyway, I ate decently until dinner time when I ate a small truckload of pizza from Round Table, So worth it though,,, Anyway, walked my route with the kiddies and then clocked it only to realize it was longer than I thought! Not just 4 miles, 4 miles and 6 tenths! That’s over 4 and a half miles! Woot Woot! My legs are singin’, but it was a pretty good day overall, Hopefully I can get something good accomplished tomorrow (as long as my neck isn’t still really bothering me)

Side Note: When I was thin before I had kids I was pretty flat in the upstairs department, but once I got Prego with my first well let’s just say I became EXTREMELY well endowed, At first I was elated (having never had anything to write home about) but after the first couple months or so I was over it, Can I just say running with “the girls”, even for just 30 seconds TOTALLY SUCKS! I feel like jello, BOO,,, If I go down to a 34B for the rest of my life I will be one happy camper!

Dear Snickers,


After just pushing 70 pound of wiggling child weight uphill for 4 miles (not to mention hauling my own lard booty), I’m afraid our relationship has run it’s course, Please don’t misunderstand, it’s not you, it’s me, I can’t workout ALL DAY just to enjoy a fun sized amount of you, Also, we both know, once I eat just one, it ends up just being 15, So sorry about the short notice, but your best customer will have to start being someone else (maybe one of those stick figured girls who can eat whatever they want and lose weight, You should entice THEM FOR SURE, Oh and please send me THEIR before and after pictures, that would make my day!) You will always have a special place in my heart, just not on my gut anymore,

All my love,


Just another attempt


at losing the baby weight! After finally getting all of my stupid thyroid problems in check, I am finally ready to tackle the ENORMOUS challenge of losing another 8-0 POUNDS! As a 26 year old mother of 2, this is extremely daunting to me, I was always pretty thin growing up and even after I had my son I lost the weight, but my daughter really knocked my health down the toilet, I am finally feeling that pinch since my son is going to start kindergarten next year and I DO NOT want to be the token fat mom at his school, Weird reason to want to lose weight, probably, but I can’t help but hear taunting little kid voices in my head tormenting my sweet little son about his “fat mom”, so I am determined to fix the problem before there is one